Loch Tay Lodges and game fishing

Aberfeldy, PH15 2HR, Perthshire, United Kingdom
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Latest questions
rogerhigham has posted a question Fishing opening time
Opening times
Coarse Fishing
scmarkham2702 has posted a question Open Matches
I am trying to contact Cross Drove to book my husband in for a couple of matches whilst we are in Norfolk on holiday...
Coarse Fishing Fishing Location
derv has posted a question Starter set up for sea fishing
Hi all. I am looking to get couple of rods and try my luck at sea fishing. I will have an access to the beach on the...
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jamie.netherton has posted a question Opening time?
I am wondering what time the gates open, i've heard a few people say 8, can anyone let me know, hopefully earlier ,...
Fishery Fishing Location
andrew.turner-howe has posted a question Do you need a fishing licence to fish on Longhouse fishery?
How much is a fishing permit for the day?
Fishing Location Fishing Permits
Hi can I ask can I fish without a licence or is this needed in cefn mably?
Fishing Location Fishing Permits
jim123 has posted a question Latest update of Oakley Vale Lake?
Did not know you could fish this lake, I am very interested, what are the tactics/methods and are there small fish so...
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krzysztof.werner has posted a question How many rods are you allowed per person?
How many rods are you allowed per person?
Fishery Fishing Location General Fishing Rod
C.Chapman has posted a question How much will it cost?
How much will it cost to pay the bailiff for the day? And will I still need my fishing license as well?
Fishing Location Fishing Permits General Fishing
Which ponds are best to fish on pole at Hampton Springs and bait and what time does it open? thanks alot 
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