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Sunnyside Farmhouse, Garstang, LA2 9DG, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Catch report information 1st April 2014This catch report is really reflecting the warmer weather and thankfully now the longer evenings are here. Our daily opening times are now 7am till 8pm. This is the last report of the year 2013 /2014 and I have just wiped the board in the office and we start all over again today.Its been a wonderful to see spring coming into action with the flora and fauna and all the little lambs dancing around and to have 121 total fish caught and a very healthy average of 18lbs 9oz is really positive going forward. Over this time there has been exactly 32 fish from S1 and 32 fish caught from S2, with 32 x 20 plusses from from the whole fishery. The taAll recent pictures can be found on our flickr account or on our facebook page.Some great news about Foxs lake. This is a water that perplexes us sometimes. We know that there are thousands of roach in there (some really big chunks from Wyre and S1 too) and some lovely bream, tench and perch as this water has been stocked on and off site for years. However sometimes the lake just does not produce, weeks can go by and its quiet but when it does wake up, wow! We have a season ticket on Foxs and several of the members and day ticket anglers have given in some awesome reports over the last week, with no less than 25lbs being caught on the day. John Atkins caught 76lbs and left home early, mixed in with the silvers were 17 of the new carp stockies which were put in last November - he had 12 mirrors and 5 common and said that they 'fought like hell'! Mr Atkinson (on S1 this last Sunday) had mixed bag of 46lbs and said there were several roach about 1.5 to 2lbs -he had a really busy day! We are in the process of making another order for some more baby carp to be brought in later this season. We now stock Mainline, Dynamite, Korda and new for 2014 Sticky Bait products in our onsite shop - don't forget if it is closed during the daytime please ask a member of staff to open it for you.We have started to take deposits for the Wyreside Open  - please see the poster on our website www.wyresidelakes.co.uk -If you would like to register please call 01524 7920936 and ask for Sally - she will be able to take your deposits and give you details.Callum Reid has been using his two weeks on Wyre before the 2013 season ticket ran out. Not too sure what swims he was on but finally after blanking the 1st week he had the result he wanted and landed his UK personal best C Scale at 34.2 and also the 'Fully Scale' at 29.8. John Lowry - member - Bantons lake caught a had a 17 pound mirror and 'Big un' at 30lb-04 over 48hrs.Simon Riseley, Cumbria, Group of three booked in mon 24th, we managed 4 fish in total. Decided on pegs 9, 10 and 11 on Sunny 1 Lake looked quiet all the first day until first fish on at dusk from peg 9, 25lb 15oz mirror in perfect condition. No other fish the following night and into Tuesday although we had a couple of tentative bleeps on peg 11, mid water. Next fish on around 5.30pm tuesday, again peg nine, more like a tench run but turned out to be a 21lb 12oz mirror. It rained for 25 hours and then froze, so we weren't optimistic for any more action, however the sun came out on the last morning followed by two quick takes on peg 11, both within an hour from open water, a 19lb 2oz and a 20lb14oz. All in all a brilliant couple of days on the bank, will definitely be back again later in the year. Craig Davies S1 15lbs - 10 o'clock on Sunday! peg 4 using Urban nutcracker bolies.Lee Jones -both fish caught on impulse baits northern specials over a handful of freebies on top of the sunken island.Ryan Norris-member. Caught 'Big Scale' from Bantons at 28lbs.Sean Atkinson - Just got back from Wyreside quick 24hr and had two fish falling to my new weapon white krill pop ups from sticky of course over a bed of 10mm freebies the fish were 23.11 and 24.2 like peas in a pod!! Michael Shannon S1 peg 6 1st Wyreside visit. After having a quiet night and early morning, I decided to change to a 15mm cell tipped with corn and a pva bag with crushed bollies and hemp. Fishing around 60 yards out. My rig was out for around 1 hour when it suddenly just screamed off. Was well happy to see Football on the bank at 27.5!Jordan Russell River lake peg 1-The mirror is 21lb the common with the hump is 16 and the other common is 15. All caught on cell. 15lb kryston hooklink fished in a kd style with a size 8 curve shank. Both rods I scattered around 30 boiles over in the margins.Simon Higgins Day ticket angler non member Bantons. My 2 biggest carp and personal bests caught this week down in the lakes. 25.12 and 22.5 lbs. For our local weather please click to link http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2644972Private matches (for coarse carp and pike) are available on all day ticket waters - food packages are also available, please contact reception on 01524 79209 or email us at wyresidelakes@btconnect.com for further details.
5 Apr 2014 09:34 AM
Wyreside Lakes fortnightly catch report 5th November 2013.Caught by Wally Wallbank, The Pawprint came out at a healthy pre winter weight of 38.7lbs but it was then promptly beaten by Paul George Jones with Gladiator 2 at a whopping 39.4lbs ! both members were over the moon and long time member George is the only person (Im told) ever to have caught all 3 Gladiator fish in his Wyreside lifetime which of course will never be beaten as sadly Gladiator 1 passed away some time ago. Another fantastic story is the capture of The Sergeant caught by member Paul Curwen who is having a fabulous run this 2013 with 36 fish caught so far. Apparently this fish was just 30lbs at last catch so its really packed it on for the winter. New for 2013 - winter carp /pike tickets please click on this link - www.wyresidelakes.co.uk/fishing/6-monthly-season-ticket-memberships.html
Apparently new winter member Dean Baldwin had an fabulous 48hr session on peg 3 Sunnyside 2 with a 6 fish haul, including a 1 x 14lb, 1 x 16lb, 2 x 17lb, 1 x 21lb and a 26lb common.Mid November there will be new fish stock arriving (mixed coarse and carp -to be divided between the lakes so we will keep you informed with the arrival date and pictures. We have also got two November matches (pike and coarse) coming up on S1 and Foxs lakes please see the fixtures list for further details www.wyresidelakes.co.uk/images/match_fishing_poster_new_1.pdf
The coarse fishing is doing well with 400lbs of silvers from Foxs and S2 being caught over the last fortnight and Pike season is also in full flow as its getting colder, however, no big weights to report at the moment mainly Jacks and juniors up to the 16lb mark. Finally we are very happy to announce that we have a regular monthly meet now with the members of the Pike Association (Northwest Branch PAC GB region 17 ) with lots to talk about and guest speakers -if anyone is interested in joining in you are most welcome, just contact us in the usual way - the next meeting is on the 20th of November at 7.30pm.The full catch report is on our website http://www.wyresidelakes.co.uk/fishing/lake-stats.html - tight lines everyone!
5 Nov 2013 02:11 PM

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