Home-made boilies

Here is an easy way to make your own boilies to help you catch not only carp, but also bream, chub, tench, roach and barbel.

Boilies; a firm favourite for carp fishing.

The choice of boilies out there is incredible. Sizes, colours, flavours, ready-made, frozen, pop-ups but boilies are not just a firm favourite for carp fishing, boilies are just as good for catching bream and other fish species.

Boilies can be expensive bait nowadays, especially if you are using a lot to pre-bait a swim for a couple of days or weeks before fishing it.

Consider using the shop-bought items for the hook bait and try to use home-made boilies that resemble your hook bait for loose feeding.

To produce your own boilies, start with a basic recipe ingredient and experiment further as you move on.

Dry ingredients may include around 60g (2oz) powder milk protein, 30g (1oz) soya flour, 30g (1oz) fish meal, 60g (2oz) wheatgerm.
Wet ingredients: three medium eggs, 5ml liquid flavouring, 5ml liquid colouring, 5ml liquid sweeteners.

The dry ingredients are available from a bait seller and the wet ingredients can be purchased from a food retail outlet.

Mix the dry components together in a bowl.
Beat the eggs in another bowl and add flavouring, colouring and sweetener of your choice. Then, add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture and mix it, slowly until you achieve a stiff paste consistency.
The paste should be kneaded like dough as the more bubbles you remove the faster the boilies will sink.

Once the paste is ready; roll it into sausage-like shape, approximately 20cm (8in) long and cut into 1cm (0.4in) sections. Then roll it in your hand to get a spherical shape.

Blanch it in a pot of boiling water for about 2 minutes, then remove and dry on a kitchen towel, turn occasionally to assist hardening. You can produce different sizes, colours and flavours. Boilies can be frozen and kept for future use.

There is no greater feeling for an angler that getting the fish on the bank using their own home-made bait.
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