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Fishermen catch 150kg giant squid measuring 10m long

A couple of fishermen were completely blown away when they caught this huge creature off the coast of Spain

The giant female squid measured 10 metres long

The 10 metre long giant squid was caught by the fishermen aboard the boat Minchos only a few miles from the Strait of Villaviciosa, Spain.

The female fish, which was trapped in a net trawling at a depth of almost 500m, has now been frozen and will be transported to a local lab for an autopsy.

The president of CEPESMA, the coordinators for the Study and Protection of Marine Species where the squid will be taken, said: ‘It is an extraordinary example, one of the biggest we have seen in the last few years.’

‘To see a specimen of this size can intimidate anybody, even those who fish everyday and have spent a lifetime at sea.’

CEPESMA already has two frozen giant squids and are planning to show them in an exhibition of eight giant squids at the start of next year.

Yet the trawling of fish off Spanish coasts has attracted criticism from groups such as Greenpeace, who call it a ‘totally unselective and most damaging method’ of fishing.

On their website, they write: ‘This type of fishing destroys everything in its path and is the most detrimental to the sea bed.’
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