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Angler caught a 34lb rainbow trout, breaking the British record held since 2003

Michael Mitchell smashes British record when he takes 15 minutes, two broken nets and one maggot to land 34lb fish

Mr Mitchell, from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, caught the silver giant during a trip to Loch Earn (pictured), Perthshire, which is stocked with tens of thousands of brown trout

It took 15 minutes and broke two nets in the almighty tussle to land this enormous trout but it was all worthwhile when the angler realised it set a new British record. 
Michael Mitchell hooked the catch of a lifetime after it escaped from a fish farm and fed for five years on an endless supply of prey to reach an unprecedented size.
The fisherman was hoping to catch a 10lbs brown trout using a maggot as bait when he hooked into the monster from the deep, which weighed a mighty 34lbs 12ozs.
The catch beat the previous British record for a rainbow trout of 33lbs 4ozs that has been held for more than a decade since 2003.
Mr Mitchell, from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, caught the silver giant during a trip to Loch Earn, Perthshire, which is stocked with tens of thousands of brown trout.
It is thought the rainbow specimen had managed to escape from a trout farm on the loch and has feasted on an unlimited supply of minnow and stickleback.
A test of its scales by experts has shown the fish was about five years old and it would have entered the loch at a young age to have put on so much weight in that time.
The record specimen, which measures 38ins long, is presently being held in a freezer at a tackle shop while Mr Mitchell awaits official confirmation from the British Records Fish Committee.

He plans to have it stuffed and mounted.
The painter and decorator said: 'I was out in the loch on a boat with my brother-in-law, Ian Devine, and we just had a break for a sandwich when I caught a wee brown trout which I released because of its size.
'Then this monster struck and when it did it nearly took my rod in. I just managed to grab hold of it in time.
'I knew it was a big one and panicked a bit. It took about 15 minutes to reel in and got a bit of a fright when I saw it. I have never caught a fish that big before.'
The specimen was so big it broke two landing nets as Mr Mitchell and Mr Devine tried to heave it on board. The loch fishery has a policy of removing rainbow trout because they are non-native species and anyone who unintentionally catches one is not allowed to return it to the water.
The fish was taken back to shore and weighed on scales owned by Alex Murray, the Loch Earn fishery manager.
Mr Mitchell said: 'Alex knew it was a Scottish record and said he thought it might be a British record too.

'We have had to freeze the fish while all the correct paper work is sent off to the relevant authorities to verify.
'I have only been fishing for five years and am over the moon with it. I'm still on cloud nine.

Mr Murray said: 'There is a rainbow trout farm on the loch and any rainbow trout in the water are escaped fish.
'We have had a scale sample tested and the results show the fish was in its fifth growing season. Judging by the size of it it had been in the loch for most of that time.
'This incredible trout has had a plentiful supply of food all its life.'
The trout measures 38ins long and has a girth of over 26ins.
Tim Knight, the editor of Anglers Mail, said: 'What a fish! This is a legend of a record catch.
'Catches such as this, out of the blue, without any planning, are what gives us all hope.'
They are a popular eating fish and have tender flesh and a mild, nutty flavour.
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