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Massive lake trout caught at Lac La Croix lake in Ontario, Canada.

A 23.7kg (52lb and 3oz) lake trout caught at Lac La Croix lake in Ontario, Canada, by Rob Scott, a Minnesota angler.

Rob Scott
Rob Scott with a massive lake trout at Lac La Croix in Ontario, Canada.

Rob Scott, a 65-year-old keen angler from Crane Lake, Minnesota, USA, has had a fishing expedition to remember.

His most recent ice fishing trip in February (2014) to Lac La Croix Lake in Ontario, Canada, has been an interesting one.

On February 8, 2014, Rob landed a massive lake trout weighing in at 23.7kg (52lb and 3oz) after an hour-long struggle. This monster fish was 1.14m (45in) long and nearly 10.9kg (24lb) heavier than the existing world record for a tip-up-caught lake trout.
(Tip-ups are wood or plastic devices, with a spool of line, attached to a flag that rises to signal a strike; the angler then brings in the line with his hands.)

However, only three weeks after catching the fish, Rob found himself the subject of an Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources investigation as he broke the rule that prevent anglers from catching more than one fish per day.

It turns out that, on the same day, before catching the record breaker; Rob landed a four pound trout which he gave to another angler. However, two officers with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, who had checked Rob’s fishing licence on February 8 before the monster catch, recalled their encounter with Rob and making the note of the 4-pound trout.

He faces a possible fine and a restriction of fishing privileges and he will not be credited for catching the world record lake trout.
“I called the Ontario officers and said I owed them an apology,” Rob told the Minnesota Star Tribune. “It wasn’t illegal for me to keep fishing after I caught the first trout. But when I caught the bigger fish, with the adrenaline and everything I had going, and the fact that it wasn’t going to survive if I released it, I figured if I gave the smaller fish away, that would be OK.”
Rob explained that the big trout probably would have died if it’d had been released, because of the prolonged struggle.

As for a chance at the world record, the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame states that “fish must be taken legally” to qualify.
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