Sea Fishing

Sea fishing for beginners

Respect your fellow angler!

Unlike coarse fishing, sea fishing is more unpredictable. It is more controlled by nature and environment, wind, tide, season, water depth or the type of sea bed.

Here are some basic for sea fishing.

First of all, one of the most important things is the gear you use. You need a proper rod, reel, tackle and bait. Apart from the basics you need to have a chopping board, a knife and various other things to handle the fish and bait.

Rod and reel
When it comes to selecting a proper rod, it depends on the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Whether you are float fishing, fishing from the beach, cliffs or piers, a 9 - 12ft rod will do the job.

Also, unless you are targeting larger fish, a line up to 15lb is more than enough in terms of strength and thickness as well as casting ability.

Tackle and bait
Always have few floats and swivels, few sets of different hooks and weights from 2 - 4oz.

There is a variety of baits for sea fishing. Among the most popular ones are mackerel strips, rag worms, lug worms, crab, sand eels, prawns and squid.

For float fishing the most common baits are mackerel strips, rag worm, sand eels and squid. For the bottom the most common are rag worm, peeler crabs and squid.

Change bait often and experiment with different depths and locations.

Garfish as a rough guide will be around 6ft to 10ft under the water. Mackerel and pollock as a rough guide will be around 8ft to 18ft under the water.

What you need to do is setup the depth to around 10ft and see what happens. If nothing happens after 10 to 20 minutes raise or lower the depth.

Every 30 minutes you should be changing the bait on the hook as the scent trail dissipates.

Respect your fellow angler!
If you’re fishing a popular mark, allow plenty of room between you and other anglers for safe casting. At least 20 metres. Not the 5 metres some competition anglers think is enough. Respect your fellow angler!
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