How to balance wife and fishing, the American way

Our man from Indiana, Ron "Lazy Fisherman", faced an impossible choice - his happiness (fishing), or his wife's happiness (not fishing). So he came up with an invention (patent pending), to satisfy both.

Ron's Lazy Fisherman
Ron with a bass caught using his invention

Ron "Lazy Fisherman", from Grovetown, Indiana in the good ol' US of A, spends a lot of time with his family at the local lakes where they would have "cook-outs" as he put it. Except, as most of you reading this can easily relate to, Ron would spend most of his time fishing, leaving the cooking bit to others, or translated into plain English - his wife. 
Now, wife and fishing balancing act is something all married anglers are well versed in, and manage it with varying, often non-satisfactory degrees of success.
Being a thoughtful, accommodating chap that he is, Ron set about solving this great challenge with both selfish interest and greater good at heart, and eventually, he hit on a cracker of an idea.

He invented a device which he has named Ron’s Lazy Fisherman. In very simple terms, it's a fishing pole holder that sets the hook when the fish pulls on the line and it can be used off the bank or on the ice. The patent is currently pending and Ron is in the process of looking for a company that would be willing to help him make and market them. 

Now, some of you would see this as cheating, but with a name such as "Ron's Lazy Fisherman", it's not as if anyone was to expect anything requiring more effort or skill - if nothing else, going for a nap would be much simpler, not having to worry about missing out on the fish. Not really something you are likely to see on private, catch and release fisheries in the UK, but as a sea fishing device - it sure has potential, and of course, anywhere where fishing is more than just a sport.

Before anyone passes judgment, Ron is not some novice fisherman looking for an easy way out - he's been angling since he was four, and even though he didn't divulge his age to Fish Around, safe money is on many decades of experience. He remembers his dad waking him up in the morning and asking him: "Do you want to go fishing or go to school? “. Sort of a question that clearly left him no choice, so he was hooked on fishing from a very young age (pun clearly intended - ed).

When Fish Around asked him about his favourite fishing location, Ron said: "It would be fishing the pads for bass or the weed line for pike - or on the ice for both in Northern Indiana", before adding: "My finest fishing moment would be the first time I used my invention. I had to try it out and see how it worked and let me tell you when that thing sets the hook, there is no escape".
We also asked him about his personal best: "My personal best bass would be 60cm / 2.7kg (23.5in / 6lb) and a pike at 1m /  7kg (39.5in /15.5lb)."

There you have it folks - if this takes off, you've read it here first. In the meantime, Ron is going to keep reeling them in without upsetting his better half.

You can watch Ron and "Ron's Lazy Fisherman" in action here:

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