Coarse Fishing


Our brief, plain speaking guide to roach. It's not Rudd.

Roach is one of freshwater coarse fishing’s smaller targets, often confused with rudd, dace, or ide – even though its silvery sides, deep body and small head, and fin layout, aren’t a direct match for any of them. The sequential front-to-back/bottom-top-bottom fin layout is a good indicator: pelvic, dorsal, anal, starting at the line where the other ends. Underfins are coloured most of the year with a tinge of orange-red, dorsal fins and tail much darker. On average they will be around 7in long, perhaps up to a 1ft if you find a biggy!
Finding them
Roach and coarse fishing go together like peaches and cream, and they can be found in numerous popular-to-fish waters including canals, lakes, commercial ponds, and gentle rivers. They hunt out weed beds about a metre deep, and snuffle round for food on the bottom with occasional visits up top in hot weather when insects and insect debris are plentiful on the surface.
Food and bait
Worms, caddis fly, larvae, grubs, and nymphs are all on the menu, and very occasionally (if dealing with a large adult example) other small fish. When luring, maggots work well, as does pasted meat.
Roach spawn April to June, laying yellow eggs over plants, soft vegetation, or roots.
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